New RICS Home Survey Standards


In November 2019, RICS published new guidance on Home Survey Standards. The new Home Survey Standards are mandatory requirements that were due to come into force on the 1 June 2020, however, due to the pandemic, this date was first moved to 1 December 2020 but will now be implemented in March 2021.

The Home Survey Standards were produced by combining the views of industry professionals, stakeholders, and consumers, with the intention on creating greater trust within the home survey market, replacing and harmonising previous RICS publications relating to residential surveys, including:

• Surveys of residential property (3rd edition), RICS guidance note
• RICS Condition Report (1st edition), RICS practice note
• RICS Homebuyer Report – Survey (1st edition), RICS professional statement
• RICS Homebuyer Report – Survey & Valuation (5th edition), RICS professional statement
• RICS Building Survey (1st edition), RICS practice note

The RICS Home Survey Standards establish a clear framework, that sets minimum expectations to protect and maintain high quality standards, bringing much needed clarity across the industry.

The extensive review of the Home Survey Standards will meet evolving needs of consumers by providing consistency, transparency, and competency – delivering high quality surveys. The public will be able to recognise and understand the mandatory Home Survey Standards, meaning they will have a much better understanding about the true condition of a property, which will benefit property transactions throughout the United Kingdom.

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