Planned Maintenance


As a building owner, it is a legal requirement to ensure that the building is safe and functional for its occupants. A clean well-maintained property will save the owner money and will ensure the retention of the occupants and the value of the asset.

Inevitably there is always a high cost attached to emergency and corrective maintenance. A building owner can experience lower maintenance costs by taking a much more proactive approach to maintenance by putting in place preventative measures. This approach means small issues can be dealt with before they become a much bigger problem and enhance the safety of the facility as well as increasing its residential value and the wellbeing of its occupants.

Regular monitoring will prolong the life cycle of the building, maintenance can be planned and budgeted for in the following ways.

Stock Condition Surveys

Stock condition surveys provide property owners with a valuable and vital source of information on the condition of their existing property stock. This enables them to assess and budget for future asset programmes of works and provides beneficial data on the condition of property stock. This is suitable to building owners who own multiple stock and plan to package works into elements

Planned Maintenance Programmes (PMP’s)

A Planned Maintenance Programme, known in short as a PMP, provides our clients with key information to enable strategic maintenance planning over a set period of time (usually between 5 to 30 years), with the aim of maintaining, modernising and improving the condition of the property throughout this time period. Cost per element including inflation change are provided to enable clients to allocate funds for cyclical decorations and repair works during the agreed period and this type of survey is suited to any property owner, including private and registered social landlords and property managers with an interest in blocks comprising of more than 1 dwelling.

At Mace Davies, we provide a flexible solution to obtaining the data on site and providing the information in a simplistic and workable format to satisfy the property owners needs. If you would like to find out more about planned maintenance programmes please contact Chris